Privacy Policy

We value your privacy here, and make an effort to not just keep your info private, but to minimize the amount of personally identifying information (PII) that we collect.

What We Collect

We, like many other web sites, do keep log files which we use to debug issues with the website and to help us understand and block malicious traffic. This does include information like what pages on our site an IP address visited including date and time stamps. This isn't tied to any PII.

In addition, we'll ask for your email address on signup. This is used to validate that you're a valid user and not a spam bot, and also needs to be valid so you can reset your password if you need to.

Finally, we'll ask for your first and last name. This is used to identify you when you're sending invitations to other people to view your lists, so that they know who you are.

We consider all of your personal data private and will take all possible measures not to disclose it to any third party.

Cookie Use

As a site that allows you to log in, we do use cookies to verify your logged in session and deliver you content specific to your user account.

We don't use "tracking cookies" or anything similar, and we don't track any of your other browsing activity.

Email Policy

We'll email you for stuff like email verification or password resets. We will also send email notifications when you're invited to view a list. We pledge to make future email options opt-in, not opt-out, for all existing users of our platform.

Third-Party Cookies

We don't use any third-party cookies. We don't advertise on the site, and we don't use social media like Facebook or Twitter to log you in.

Update History

November 25, 2018: Created Privacy Policy.