Wishlist - About

What is it?

The Wishlist website is designed to make sharing wish lists easy. We offer the ability to share your lists with anyone with a valid email address. They can then "claim" gifts off your list to indicate to other people that they're going to buy those gifts. All of this is invisible to the person who created the list, so as to preserve the surprise.

Why use this?

Wishlist is designed to not tie you into one platform. If you can't find something on Amazon, but it's on another site, that won't restrict you from adding it here.

We also don't ask for any identifying information other than a valid email and your first and last name. We use the email to register your account, and your name will be shared with people you invite to view your list so they know who's sending the list to them.

We care deeply about your privacy; please see our privacy policy for more details.

Upcoming Features

Some buttons on the site are disabled. These features are not yet implemented, but will be coming online in the coming weeks.